Terms of Business

All bookings howsoever made are subject to the following ‘Booking Terms and Conditions’ also known as ‘Terms of Business’, by making a booking with Star Mini Cabs Ltd whose registered office is located at 90 North Street, Romford, Essex RM1 1DA. Reg No. 05465480 – also known as ‘Star Mini Cabs’ – the passenger confirms full acceptance thereof.

General :

Standard ‘terms of business’ apply with inclusion of this section.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for any booking that has not been made directly through our offices – please note it is also against the law to make a booking directly with a driver.

All rates are per vehicle and not per person. Star Mini Cabs operate a professional Private Hire / minicab service.

Should you require a receipt for your journey please just send us an email to info@starminicabs.co.uk with your booking reference and the word ‘receipt’ in the body of the email – we will send a formal receipt back to you via email.

Please be careful with your booking details, verify to ensure that all details that you have provided us with are accurate – dates, arrival or collection times, contact mobile telephone numbers, flight details etc. as we cannot be held responsible for any booking which is subsequently cancelled or fails due to any contributing misleading travel details that you have supplied.

Vehicle and driver substitutions may be made without prior notice due to logistical constraints – we also may use multiple vehicles if a single vehicle of suitable size is not available – in this situation we will honour the quotation or the fare will be as per the applicable tariff per vehicle.

Supplied vehicle styles and types are selected by the details that you provide, vehicles will be despatched using a queuing system. We will not be held responsible for supplying the wrong style vehicle so please ensure you tell us of any special requirements.

Children and babies count as passengers so book vehicle sizes accordingly, 3 adults and 2 babies would equate to 5 passengers etc. We reserve the right to refuse transport of unaccompanied children under the age of 18.

All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure your vehicle always arrives on time or just prior to your allotted booking. Star Mini Cabs will not be held responsible for delays incurred due to roadworks, accidents or events outside of our control that result in a delay. In this situation we will try to make contact with the passenger using the supplied mobile number to explain the delay and offer an estimated arrival time – however in some circumstances this may not be possible.

The booking of a vehicle ‘as soon as possible’ means that the journey will be sent to the next available suitable vehicle – it does not mean that the car is being sent immediately. Estimated times can be provided by our desk team but are by definition ‘estimates’ only and are not binding.

Quotations given without providing specific requirements will be based on a saloon car, single journey non-returning, standard service excluding waiting time. Quotations provided by our website or App may vary to actual fares charged if not booked using the appropriate system which provided the initial quotation.

Rates will be as per our fare tariff’s and either calculated at the time of booking to provide a quote which will only be binding if the journey remains as per the booking – any subsequent change to the journey may invalidate the quote. If not quoted the fare will be calculated upon the completion of the journey using the applicable tariff at that time.

All fares will be subject to additional charges should additional collections or destinations be added to the booking – changing a journey that has been quoted will result in the existing quote becoming VOID.

Any loyalty, discount or offers that are made with time constraints to the usage must complete before the expiry time to be charged at the lower rate. Loyalty schemes, discounts and offers may be withdrawn without notice at any time. If withdrawn existing bookings made will be honoured but new bookings may be declined.

Loyalty schemes, discounts and offers are intended for the benefit of the customer but in no way bind Star Mini Cabs into offering any reduced cost transportation – Star Mini Cabs reserves the right to refuse reduced rate transportation without giving reason at any time.

Discounts marked with an asterisk ‘*’ will be applicable if a round trip booking is made i.e. an outward and a return.

Existing bookings cannot be converted to a discounted booking.

Vouchers and rebates issued to APP users may carry an expiry date – this will be clearly visible within the APP. If the total value of the APP voucher is not used within the booked journey it will expire – no cash alternative. APP vouchers can be used for cash or card bookings – the final amount to pay is displayed by the APP and includes the APP voucher value.

Waiting time is applicable on all bookings and is not included in any quotation or pre paid journey unless stipulated at time of booking and agreed with the desk team. Waiting time is charged after the first 5 minutes have elapsed, then there is a £1 charge followed by £0.40 per minute – charged to the next complete minute – waiting time is charged at the discretion of the driver.

Star Mini Cabs reserve the right to increase rates on holidays such as Christmas or New Year – however requesting a quote from our desk team can check these.

Our aim is to provide a true 24 hour business, however due to operational issues times may on occasion be subject to change.

Quoted rates are fully inclusive and include any tolls and road charges but may be subject to waiting time and parking charges.

Drivers carry PDA’s (Personal Data Assistants) which display the fare, which is due to be paid at the end of your journey. Passengers should only ever pay the amount that is shown and should report any driver who states a different amount to that shown on the display screen. Increased rates due to holidays are included in our tariffs and will be shown and included in the final fare displayed on the PDA.

Cancellations and booking amendments should be notified to the desk team by calling our offices on +44(0)1708 736736 – do not cancel or amend bookings via email, text or mail. If using the iPhone/Android App you have full control of your booking so please cancel within the App. Cancellations will not be accepted once a vehicle has been despatched and will result in the full fare being charged.

Passengers who supply a mobile telephone number and book providing a complete address for collection and destination will be sent a free *text which includes the quote for the journey – this is only valid for the exact journey as detailed to our staff – it does not include any additional destinations, vehicle changes, waiting time etc. The quote is meant as a guide price and does not represent a binding agreement that the journey will only cost the amount stated within the text. For binding prices please request a price from the desk team.

Our system uses the mobile numbers 07540 687706, Star Mini Cabs as a sender ID – depending on your network you may see either. It is not possible to reply to this system generated texts – they are there to provide a better service for our customers. Where possible we will tell you details of the car and driver collecting you, an estimated time and an estimate cost for your journey, tracking link for smartphones – you will then be informed when the vehicle has arrived.

Passengers who claim to have been overcharged will only be reimbursed should a booking fault be the reason for the overcharge – please read the section above as to be sure that you are never overcharged. Any claim of overcharging will be investigated fully and a conclusion presented to the passenger – we reserve the right to take 14 days to fully investigate any allegation. Please note that a receipt for the fare paid will be required in order to pursue any claim against a driver. All claims must be presented in writing.

The drivers PDA (Personal Data Assistant) will provide journey and tracking information data used to monitor and provide quality control for our services.

Our drivers are self-employed and insured for hire and reward providing the booking has been made through our office, they also hold a valid Public Carriage Office licence for themselves and the vehicle they are driving. All our vehicles adopt a non-smoking policy – you are also not permitted to eat or drink within the confines of the vehicle. Drivers will charge a violation fee of £60.00, if any passenger/s damage, soil or fowl their vehicles. (e.g.: Vomiting, soiling etc.)

Any vehicles featured on our advertising literature, website etc. are for example only and we reserve the right to use any Public Carriage Office licensed suitable vehicle for your booking.

Rates quoted on our advertising literature, website etc. are for example only – they may vary from actual journey costs – our offices can always quote an exact binding rate providing all details for the journey can be provided including any waiting time.

Mileages and distances are provided by either Microsoft Mapping / StreetMap / Google Maps for quotes or by the actual journey route taken for any non-quoted work.

Without prior notice we reserve the right to use sub-contractors if required, this is to ensure the smooth completion of your booking. We will only use Public Carriage Office licensed operators on these occasions.

Although 24 hour we reserve the right to have any booking queries handled by our dedicated office team who operate Monday to Friday 09.00 through to 17.00.

We have a dedicated operations email address which goes through to our desk team, all other emails are handled by our office team (see hours above) info@starminicabs.co.uk for urgent consideration please call +44(0)1708 736736.

Star Mini Cabs maintains a ‘blacklist’, which is a technical term within our system and does not refer or imply any reference to any particular customer – this list may prevent access to our systems and/or desk staff to any particular telephone number, address or device. Abuse of our services, staff, drivers or property may result in your address, iPad, iPhone, Android device, PC and telephone/mobile numbers being blocked from making bookings or accessing any of our systems. In addition, association to a blocked customer may also result in yourself becoming blocked.

We use these systems to protect our staff and drivers who have the right to work without the fear of abuse, threats or assault.

Foul/abusive/insulting language, threatening/aggressive behaviour or racist comments towards members of our staff or drivers will not be tolerated – you will be asked to leave the premises or vehicle immediately – the police may be informed and CCTV recordings submitted as evidence.

CCTV and audio recording is in use 24 hours a day throughout our offices and grounds – some vehicles also have CCTV installed – this is for the safety of our staff, drivers and customers.

Access to automated systems may be blocked for operational reasons and are not an indication of any wrongdoing – locations which are difficult to provide service to within a reasonable time span may cause access to be blocked also – the automated systems do not allow us to notify you of delays prior to booking, for this reason access may be blocked in order that you call us directly so that we can offer you the best possible service.

The term ‘blacklist’ has been adopted by the suppliers of our despatch system and was not a term set by ourselves – we have no control over this title.

Star Mini Cabs reserves the right to decline transport without providing an explanation. Existing bookings may also be cancelled without providing any notice to the passenger although we will endeavour to notify you via text and/or email wherever possible providing you have supplied us with a contact number.

Star Mini Cabs will not be held responsible for any loss howsoever caused by transfers and/or journeys, which run late or fail to arrive at the pre-booked job time. Should a vehicle experience a mechanical failure either en route to you or during transfer you will be offered a replacement vehicle which will be despatched to your location as quickly as possible – or if you wish to make alternative arrangements a full refund will be offered. If the booking was made using a credit or debit card you should contact our offices to arrange a refund.

We are not responsible for damage to any parcels or luggage carried by our drivers – if is your responsibility to ensure proper loading and unloading – if the driver is kind enough to assist then he does so under your direction. Drivers have the right to refuse lifting overweight cases. Drivers have the right to refuse overloading their vehicle if they deem it to be unsafe due to excessive luggage.

We have taken the step of stopping the use of booster and baby seats within our vehicles, this decision was taken for safety and hygiene reasons – however we are more than happy to use your boosters and baby seats and will store them safely for you between your journeys if required at NO additional cost.

Lost property if found will be kept at our offices for 7 days then destroyed (excluding items that have been notified and identified by telephone or email – which will be held until collection). We will only return items to passengers who can identify and prove ownership. Items cannot be delivered back to customers unless they are willing to pay the appropriate fare. Items found in cars during working shifts will be returned to the offices as quickly as possible – this will be usually be between jobs or when the driver takes a break. If the items are needed urgently we can place a job on the despatch system to bring the driver to base upon the drivers next free slot – if the passenger is willing to pay the appropriate fare.

You can submit details of lost items by completing the form here.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that all personal items are taken with them when they exit the vehicle or our offices – no responsibility or liability will be accepted for any items left in vehicles or our offices.

Our iPhone/Android App, online booking facility and office systems use independent routing systems, this is for the security and stability of our servers. Rates are applicable only using the chosen method of booking and may be slightly different if subsequently booked using a different method. Rates will be consistent only by using the same method of booking. Should your actual journey not match the journey booked or you add waiting time then you will be asked to pay the difference.

Our phone system will automatically place you into a queue to ensure that all calls are answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. At peak times you may find that there is a delay – we apologise for this and assure you that your call will always be answered as quickly as possible.

With regard to the carriage of animals – please ensure that you advise us at time of booking if you are travelling with an animal. We have systems in place to ensure that appropriate animal friendly drivers will be despatched to you providing we are informed. For details about passengers travelling with guide dogs you can read this publication click here.

Credit and Debit Cards :

Standard ‘terms of business’ apply with inclusion of this section.

Charges will show as from Adelante / Star Mini Cabs on your statements and receipts – credit and debit cards are charged at time of booking – this does not guarantee the provision of service.

Credit and debit cards can be booked using our online quotation and booking system on our website.

You may now also use our iPhone/Android quotation and booking App using credit and debit cards.

Credit and debit cards are accepted for the convenience of customers – Star Mini Cabs cannot guarantee that these facilities will be available for every booking and reserve the right to withdraw this facility at any time without giving notice.

Bookings made using credit and debit cards cannot be refunded once the job has been despatched even if the vehicle has not reached the collection point. Refunds will only be considered if a booking is cancelled with at least 2 hour’s notice. Credit and debit card refunds can take 10 working days days to reach your account depending on your card issuer.

Please note that jobs booked with a credit or debit card cannot be amended in any way that changes the initial charge made to the credit or debit card (however – we are able to update travel details, notes, date and time). Should changes be required that will reduce or increase the initial charge made to the credit or debit card the job must be cancelled and re-booked as a completely new job.

Bookings made using the online web booking or iPhone/Android App are made using details that you complete yourself – should a booking error result because of incomplete or erroneous details entered by yourself then no refund is possible. We operate a live system and details you enter form the booking that is then despatched automatically. Please check all details carefully before making a booking.

Queries regarding credit and debit card transactions will follow a resolution process, this can take up to 30 days to complete depending on the depth of the investigation. We will endeavour in all cases to resolve matters quickly and will keep you updated. Should a query or charge-back be proven to be incorrect and that a valid chargeable journey took place an initial charge of £10 + VAT for administration and costs will be made – this will be added to any claim made for payment. Should court or debt recovery be required these costs will also be added to the final request for payment.

Refunds for credit or debit card transactions should be made directly to our offices – bookings that have been paid for using a credit or debit card if cancelled are not automatically refunded to your card – the booking will be cancelled however the refund must be requested either by email or calling our offices, just quote your job number or reference. We apologise for not being able to automatically handle refunds on your behalf, this is due to restraints imposed by our processing system – however we will deal with your request promptly as per above.

Charges made to a credit or debit card are final – ‘unless cancelled prior to despatch and a refund requested’ the initial charge cannot be altered or refunded in part or refunded in full for any reason.

We include 5 minutes waiting time with all journeys – should waiting time become applicable then we reserve the right to add the charge to the journey – this will be shown as a separate charge to the original booking – a receipt will then be emailed to you. Charges for waiting time are detailed further on this page.

Credit Accounts :

Standard ‘terms of business apply with inclusion of this section.

Upon request a credit facility may be granted to a customer. This may involve credit agency checks and references as per our credit account application form. Accounts may be declined without reason due to either limited spend or logistical constraints.

Standard terms are 30 days from invoice, however payment for low spend accounts may revert to 7 days from invoice and/or account convenience charge of £15 plus VAT (charged at the applicable rate) per invoice without prior notice – subject to review per invoice.

Standard minimum spend for credit accounts is £250 plus VAT (charged at the applicable rate) – unless otherwise agreed.

Online services if granted will be reviewed and may be restricted without notice.

Jobs booked using online facilities will be charged in full if despatched even if cancelled prior to collection. Jobs cancelled prior to despatch will not be charged for.

Waiting time and parking charges are applicable on all journeys unless otherwise agreed prior to the job being despatched.

A single invoice per account will be produced which will include a detailed statement – this will be sent via email on or around the 1st of each month – no postal service is available. The sending of an invoice is deemed a request for payment.

Accounts that are not paid within terms stated will be subject to a 5% per month handling fee plus VAT (charged at the applicable rate) which will be historically added to the account on a daily basis from the date of the first completed unpaid booking until such time that the invoice is fully paid. Should a query or charge-back be proven to be incorrect and that a valid chargeable journey took place an initial charge of £10 + VAT for administration and costs will be made – this will be added to any claim made for payment. Should court or debt recovery be required these costs will also be added to the final request for payment.

You may protect your account with restrictions such as references, cost centres, usernames and/or passwords to prevent unauthorised bookings – any job booked against an account is final and therefore all bookings made will be charged to the account and payment in full required.

Matrices for costs for journeys will be built up as the client uses our services – this will ensure that subsequent matching journeys will be charged at the same rate – however new journeys are subject to quotation as per the agreed tariff for your account. It is not possible to compare any other tariff with the cost for your transportation – your tariff will be bespoke to your account.

Journeys unless pre-quoted will revert to a post quotation basis which will form a binding rate for that journey and all subsequent matching journeys. Rates cannot be negotiated or amended after a booking has been made.

All invoices are subject to VAT (charged at the applicable current rate).

Facilities may be withdrawn without notice.

Final invoices will be on a 7-day basis from receipt of invoice.

Airports and Ports :

Standard ‘terms of business’ apply with inclusion of this section.

Be careful when booking your return collection from the airport – we need to know the arriving flight number along with the arrival or landing time at your UK airport. Flights may be departing a day earlier than the arrival time so check your flight details carefully – if a car is sent a day early due to incorrect details we cannot be held responsible and a ‘no show’ will be declared (further details available herein). Should you subsequently require transportation it will be charged at full rate.

Airport, train and cruise terminal collections have an automatic allowance of 45 minutes before waiting time is charged – should the driver wait 60 minutes without any contact from the passenger then he has the right to declare a ‘no show’ and pull off from the collection – the full fare is still charged in this situation as it is your responsibility to notify us of any delays. If a replacement vehicle is subsequently despatched at your request then the journey will be charged again in full.

With regard to airport collections we endeavour to monitor your flight using the arrivals systems available on the internet or airport – we will adjust your vehicles arrival time accordingly. It is your responsibility to advise us if you miss your flight or are arriving on an alternative carrier – if a vehicle is despatched and you are not available for collection from the airport the full fare is charged. If a replacement vehicle is subsequently despatched at your request then the journey will be charged again in full.

Drivers meeting passengers at the airport will usually call the passenger and arrange a mutually convenient area for the pick up; this saves the troublesome journey to locate the vehicle in the car park. All airports carry an additional charge which is to cover the extra time it takes to collect from an airport – it does not cover the cost of a ‘meet and greet’ service, which if required will be charged for at an additional cost – if you would like a ‘meet and greet’ style service please ensure you talk with our desk team who will be happy to arrange this for you.

With regard to credit account airport and port collections – the following policy will apply unless other instructions received – should a UK contact number be provided then we will follow these guidelines – however when either a contact number is not provided on a non UK contact number provided we will provide a meet & greet style service charged at the appropriate rate.

If you intend to use child seats then please review our section on booster and baby seats.

Airport collections are based on information received from either the airports arrival system or airline information service. All airports include a free 45 minute waiting period from the time that the flight has been declared ‘landed’. Waiting time after this time is chargeable as per the above rates and is charged at the discretion of the driver. If you require additional time after landing please let us know and we can adjust your booking accordingly.

Should you fail to make contact with the driver or our offices within 60 minutes of the declared ‘landed’ time of your flight the driver will be instructed to leave the airport or port and declare a NO SHOW – you will be charged the full fare and NO refund will be offered. Should you contact us after this time and the driver has left the airport or port you will be required to pay the full fare again.

On certain occasions flight and ship arrival times may not be available to us due to lack of information being provided by the airline or cruise line – in these circumstances we will work on the premise that you are arriving as per your pre-booked job unless you contact us and tell us otherwise. It is your responsibility to advise us immediately if there are any delays to your transport.

All parking costs are included in our fares – however should we be required to wait for additional time the extra parking costs must be paid for by the passenger. Please note that Stansted and Luton Airport have now imposed charges to drop off at the terminal – these are not charges being made by ourselves and you do have a choice as both airports offer a free shuttle service from a nearby car park should you not wish to pay the £2.50 – these charges are not included in our base rates – we will add them to the job cost unless you specify otherwise.

We would ask you to wait by arrivals to be contacted by your driver – the driver will meet you at either the arrivals area or will contact you on your mobile telephone – please ensure that it is charged and switched on. Should you be using an alternative number then it is your responsibility to let us have the alternative number – delays and subsequent additional job costs because we cannot contact you are your responsibility and will be charged as detailed above.

Although we make every effort to be with you as you come through arrivals there may be occasions where the driver will call you and arrange an alternative collection point – this is only for your convenience and this decision is at the discretion of the driver. Should your flight land early we may not have had time to arrange for the driver to be at the airport in which case please wait to be contacted.

If you require a meet and greet service then please ensure that you advise the control staff at the time of booking – please note there may be an extra charge for this service. Meet and greet is only available from airports, not stations or other locations.

If you are travelling only with hand luggage please ensure that you tell the control staff at the time of booking.

Should the driver fail to make contact with you an announcement will be requested within the arrivals area – this will be made in accordance with the procedures above – should the passenger then still not be found the driver will be instructed to declare a NO SHOW as detailed above.

All return journeys must be pre-paid prior to the vehicle being sent for your collection – if you fail to pay for the return journey then your booking will be cancelled.

Finally :

Standard ‘terms of business’ apply with inclusion of this section.

The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice.

The use of the feedback system may be withdrawn at any time – it is intended to allow honest feedback which in turn allows us to improve our services and monitor our drivers. We may publish feedback ‘quotes’ but will never disclose your identity in any way.

Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors.

Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements.

This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Any reproduction is prohibited without prior agreement.

Unauthorised use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and we endeavour to use any data we collect from you to provide the best possible service. Our privacy policy describes how we collect and use your personal data.

Data transmissions over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.

With regard to liability and refunds – Star Mini Cabs maximum liability will be any deposit/pre-payment being held against the job. We will not offer any form of monetary compensation.

Complaints should be made in writing, our address and email address are provided on our website. You should allow 30 days for investigation into your complaint in order that full representation can be made.

Star Mini Cabs reserves the right to amend and/or change these booking terms and conditions without notice at any time – revision stamps will be updated at the end of the page – you should bookmark this page and check regularly – if you wish we can email you a copy of these terms whenever they are updated. Please send us your email address with the subject ‘terms’ should you wish this.

Star Mini Cabs operates in accordance with Data protection Act 1998. We will not supply or share customer information to third parties. We may occasionally email or text you with offers and news about our services. You may check any information that we hold about you by emailing us. If you do not wish us to contact you please send us your email address with the subject ‘remove’, also include your email address, landline and mobile telephone numbers.

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